1、Electrical Control System
Control systems and superior products
(1)Dynamic micro-computer control.
 ICESTA Dynamic micro-computer control system with Touch-screen, which is one innovation in the Chinese ice machine field that display failure details and running process in the control touch screen by the micro-computer, and failure resolving can be also searched. This innovation is one perfect breakthrough that makes great convenience to the customer to operate the machine and settle the trouble.
  1. The humanistic designed as well as your home air-conditioning.
  Feel free to set the start &stop time of the machine as you need, which will reduce your human & energy cost by avoiding the machine continue running & making ice although the ice is enough for use.
  2. Perfect failure searching system.
  The red warning signal flicker if any failure occurred, and the relevant resolving can be queried instantly.
  3. Running state play alive in the touch-screen.
  All the state such as water flowing, ice dropping etc. is clear at a glance, warning signal occurred in the exact position once machine in abnormal.
  4. Completely safety unit.
  Automatic-safety unit running to perfect the machine any time as soon as the power cut off, water lack, ice full, voltage overhigh or low as well as compressor overheat etc. which gives the machine sufficient safety & stabilization and longer life.
  5. The Europe CE standard Designing.
  Both the electric circuit and component selection as well as trip switch(The machine stop once the electric box door open) strictly follow the CE Request, and then all the electrical danger eliminated.
  6. It holds both smart exterior and inner.
  The exterior design and material match the machine makes one integrated mass in good view.
  7. PLC dynamic ice Touch Screen Control screen as follows:

2、Remote Desktop dynamic control system:
  To make the control of ice machine more humane and more concise, we have reserved communication interface with the computer in the terminal of electrical PLC.
Diagram of the PLC control system connection in Electric box:

(1)Connect the 485 converter between the computer and PLC:

(2)Display of computer screen
  After connection, you should setup the control program in your computer, then you will see:

(3)Touch-screen system of Ice storage system with ice raker ( Controlling of ice delivery and storage).

2、Products advantages
  1、 reliable control system. We take PLC from South Korea's LG and other related electronic control components, and be in full accordance with the European CE standard specification in electronic control system, to ensure the stability and security of the system running.
  2、 A stable and efficient refrigeration system. We adopt cooling system components with well-known international brands. For example compressors made by the U.S. COPELAD and German BITZER; condensers from Singapore Far East Group and the condenser fan bought from German EBM. All is to achieve the best condensation effect of the total system.
  3、 Materials of Ice machine evaporator take cryogenic pressure vessels materials ,then 16MnR welding, and after heat treatment, X-ray flaw detection of weld-ray, hard chromium plated, rust treatment (more than 60 wire coating thickness), to ensure that the ice machine evaporator could run without deformed, leaks, rust and other faults in longtime.
  4、 The ice scraper is made by 304 stainless steel round bar one-time without welded parts, which can guarantee the machining accuracy and helicity of ice scraper.
  5、 The water pumps are adopted German JSCC motor, combined with corrosion-resistant engineering plastic pump to ensure that the pumps continue to work trouble-free operation.

3、The delivery system
  ICESTA delivery system is an improvement product on the basis of combination of the industry and foreign technology, with more rational & reliable design. Its advanced nature is reflected in the following areas:
  1、 The drive method of spindle to ice raker bar on the ice raker. The current mainstream takes the precision roller chain. But, the precision roller chains cannot do surface treatment, and be lubricated, which cause the chain rusty after running for some time because of ice-making industry particularity and the freezer work environment after running for some time, and also because of axial pin connection, the breaking of the chain risk is exist during the sudden starting of ice raker. So we ICESTA has been entirely adopted other ring chain instead of the precision roller chain in practical which rust treatment could be done to the surface, and the tensile strength is bigger.
  2、 The Control of ice raker. ICESTA products also is unique in ice maker making industry. Ice rakers are often taken the upgrade and drop control by other competitors. Most of them will set infrared ice detection control by time and ice level, Then when sending the ice, ice raker often cannot be quickly dropped to the ice to rake. But we use variable frequency control and infrared sensor in the design of the hoist to solve this problem and avoid loss of production caused to customer.
  3、 The air delivery systems. When using air delivery systems, hot air made by high pressure will cause part of the ice melt in the pipe and lead to the loss of cooling, even pipeline blocking. In practice, we ICESTA configures a set of high-pressure air pre-cooling device after the Roots blower, which can pre-cool to 15 degree to make sure the flake ice in the pipe dry and to prevent the blockage of the pipeline. In the air delivery system ,the mainstream of ice maker industry, will take this way: when the shunt valve pipe splitter switch to a pipeline one time, then the Roots blower will be stopped. If a user shunt more will cause frequent stops of the Roots blower and cause a serious impact on motor lifetime. In our design, regardless of times of the shunt valve switch, as long as the delivery is not completed, the Roots blower does not appear frequently to stop, maintaining the reliability of the fan running.
  4、 The shunt valve design. For different occasions in the shunt valve design, we take a different shunt valve mode. The user who have less four-way splitter, will use smaller, flexible and convenient shunt valve, which take chain drive for splitter less slider operation and resistance smaller occasions; shunt four or more we take hydraulic plunger or gear to march the transmission to the splitter instead. Both modes, the hydraulic plunger which have more parts moving, must be matched to the hydraulic pump station with relative larger area. The transmission mode with gear is: initiative circular gear is driven by reducer, the competent of the bottom level of the is long strip gears, driven by the movement of the horizontal gear to achieve the purpose of the shunt. Compared to other small two ways, it has less parts moving, more splitter, more low failure rate, and practical.