Food cold chain logistics industry faces three major difficulties


The current situation of China's cold chain logistics industry can be said to "distance is the blue ocean, blue ocean or close look, smile thump jump into the Red Sea has long been realized that." While the rapid development of the electricity supplier for fresh ice machine, Sheets ice machine has brought great opportunities, but at the same time also to the electricity supplier logistics required to bring a high, cold chain logistics is still a long way to go.Brothers Ice Delivery on Chinese food cold chain development forum that the current development of China's food cold chain logistics is facing three major difficulties, any person or business you want to enter this field , you must first consider these three questions .
First, the food industry is the low value-added industries. High demand for cold chain logistics warehouses and transport vehicles , so the cost is much higher than ordinary cold chain logistics , logistics, vertical longitudinal Xu pointed out that the reason why the development of more pharmaceutical cold chain logistics leader , mainly because of higher value-added pharmaceutical industry . Yet, despite this , the pre- interview with news agency learned great wisdom , China's pharmaceutical cold chain logistics net profit margin is only about 1% to 1.5%.
Second, the existence of cost-recovery cycle . Xu said longitudinal vertical , food cold chain payback period is concentrated in the summer, while the lower season, cold chain temperature basic truck can only use as an ordinary truck . This year Shanghai 's long summer for the food cold chain logistics brought greater benefits, but companies also have to consider whether we can afford most of the year there may not be time to invest in recycling done by the cold chain . Third, our end customers icemaker is not mature, the device can not be achieved "cold cold" butt. The open-door refrigerated vehicles to bring energy consumption, will greatly increase the running costs of electricity and so on. Brothers Ice said many fresh products, such as vegetables, etc., on the one hand the production side no cooling treatment in the field, on the other consumers in a timely manner after receipt of the goods will not be frozen, once defined quality problems, responsibility extremely difficult.