R407 refrigerant Features


R407C special features does not destroy the atmosphere, protecting the ozone layer, instead of using the HCFC refrigerants, R407 ASHRSE standards in the United States has been identified as otherwise the absence of drugs, the pressure is about 1.1 times of R22, R407 ODP number of ozone destruction is 0. R22 is responsible for the global warming coefficient of 0.055.R407C as 1530, R22 1700. Chemically similar system, stable non-flammable, non-toxic chemicals. R407C is heavier than air. Condensate accumulated in the lower part, leaked in a closed room. Non-common. R407 is R32, the three non-azeotropic refrigerant in the refrigerant temperature R125.R134 together constituted evaporation under pressure or condensing temperature of the starting temperature and the end is different,Special pressure than R22 R407C vapor pressure is higher, because some in the air-conditioning design and construction issues to be considered in this regard, R22 -20 0.14MPA R407C0.18MPA 0C R22 0.40 R407 0.47MPA, customs and refrigeration oils, R407C molecule does not elemental chlorine, R22 is a mineral oil used, R407C ether of fats and oils using a synthetic oil, mineral oil, if R407C system will join a large number of refrigerating machine oil stored in the system resulting in poor lubrication,