[global action] running brother ice maker brand of ICESTA


Brother ice (ICESTA brand) global action for the Middle East's largest aquatic provide the products of processing enterprises with a full set of ice, ice storage, automatic feed ice, metering system.

Why do the customers in the Middle East also choose brother?

Why do people in the Middle East also choose brother ice machine? Customers are replied: "after a period of time of contact and investigation, I believe brothers ice, because brother ice machine have high-grade materials, do not cut corners, good quality assurance, and service is excellent, from design to installation and commissioning to send someone in charge of the whole." The customers trust brother ice machine, this trust because of the obligation to providing the most satisfactory products and excellent services to customers and also give brothers ice motivation to do the best.

ICESTA brand container type ice making unit

ICESTA  brand of container type ice making machine mainly for large chemical and concrete engineering and design also can be used for chemical industry, fishery port, artificial ski field, the container as a carrier, a plurality of ice making unit and the corresponding electric appliance control system, at the same time, equipped with automatic ice storage library, ice delivery system, the cooling system for the integration, become automation ice use model.

Brother ice action in world, what do you still wait? Running, brother ice...

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