how does the enterprise do Marketing


The purpose of planning is to enhance the corporate brand image and market competitiveness through accurate positioning, system planning, effective marketing, scientific management, ongoing construction for the corporate brand.

The first is the strategic goal. If no goal, everything is out of the question. This strategic positioning should be consistent with company’s conditions, sustainable development and the competitive environment.

The second is the brand positioning. Chinese enterprises are too much lack of brand positioning. They usually produce and sale what others sale, and found that was not the case after putting to the market. Only right direction, the enterprises could have Sustainable Development.

Brand positioning includes target customers identify, target market ion, brand culture, brand association positioning, brand appeal positioning, brand positioning and a series of quality brand strategic positioning. With relatively accurate positioning, we can talk about specific tactics and ution.

In customary, Enterprises do the enterprise brand positioning by "chain". Eg.: Raw material supply →Scale production → Terminal investment → Promotion sales → Customer spending.

All along, managers are hindered by a linear process —— one end represents the internal (product), and other end represents the external (customer). Because of the principle that as long as produce a good product, then the customer will buy, Thus, "Product decides customers' logical thinking constantly mislead our corporate behaviors. Soon, companies discovered the absurdity and found customers are more awareness in a good product than the product itself. So around the product they build a whole stream systems, such as the upstream supply of raw materials, development and design, the downstream channel development, terminal sales. They focus on one industry and form one industrial chain as we know today. Relative to the past "independent product" cognitive, product chain is already an improvement.

However, under the form of a market economy, our entire brand marketing planning must focus on "consumption chain". Eg.: Lifestyle→ Target groups →Associated factors→ Related Products→ Product configuration and combination.

In the era of consumption chain, the old way of commercial principles was revolutionized by lifestyle. Because today the customer has already became a separate runtime system, which has autonomous and independent right to choose. "Bag is a bag, clothes are clothes," the concept of the old industry was completely knocked over. They need to consider whether Bag matches their outfits. Enterprises can no longer try to be smart for consumer decisions. Enterprises attempting to rely on "standard products" integrated together to form a non-defective chain to satisfy the customer, it is a very awkward and childish mistake. To a consumption chain by lifestyle, the key lies in returning consumer’s choice rights.

This is an important marketing planning ideology.