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Javier LuckTime:2019-12-11 21:15:18
Subject:Spare Parts
Can you provide a price list for spare parts for a Flake Ice Machine, model IFE-51. Is there any local office in Chile ? Thank you.
Marcin Karcz Elektrometal Time:2019-9-16 19:02:47
Subject:flake ice evaporator
I am interested in buying an flake ice evaporator with a capacity of 5T / 24h, I am asking for an offer for the device.
Best regards Marcin Karcz
+48 665 108 984
ul. Stawowa 71 43-400 Cieszyn POLAND
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oTime:2019-2-13 14:21:37
Subject:flake ice
Do you have product model " IE3ST - R4A" and detail for this model
Newton BednallTime:2018-12-12 2:24:25
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shyamTime:2018-12-3 16:22:12
Subject:slurry ice machines
Please send all details of Slurry ice machines. we are looking 2 to 3 ton per day
Charles NoviaTime:2018-10-10 8:56:40
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КириллTime:2018-9-11 20:01:15
Здравствуйте. Планируем покупку льдогенератора IF30T-4RW для работы в Бангладеше. Прошу дать ответ по следующим вопросам: 1. Комплект поставки. 2. Какой нужен чиллер для этой установки?
АлександрTime:2018-9-6 16:20:23
Subject:chiller IFCW-300K
Здравствуйте. Нами закуплены системы производства льда ICESTA для Бангладеш. Модель: IFIT-R4A. При монтаже чиллера IFCW-300K зав.№108 возникли следующие вопросы: 1. какое количество масла необходимо залить? 2. Какое количество фреона R404A (давление) необходимо залить в чиллер? 3.Нужна электрическая схема подключения чиллера и схема подключения трубопроводов обвязки. 4. Какое количество масла и фреона надо залить в ледогенератор IF30T-R4W №17010152. 5. Нужна электрическая схема ледогенератора №17010152
AlekseyTime:2018-9-6 16:13:35
how many kilograms of refrigerant you need to fill in the machine system IF30T-R4W
VIKASH KAPOORTime:2018-6-26 19:15:58
we are scouting for purchase of 10 tonnes tube ice plant.please send your commercial offer alongwith catalougues and technaical details
Denis TumwineTime:2018-4-27 14:54:31
Subject:Confirmation of identity
Hello am in Uganda interested in buying a machine from this company!
i want to confirm if this invoice is genuine and if you have a sales person by these names
SKYPE: Johnytam
WhatApp: 0086 13510956930
Ricky leongTime:2017-9-11 12:30:39
Subject:Request for catalogue
Hi, can you please send me the pdf file for catalogue of commercial flake ice machine. Tq.
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errolTime:2017-5-1 14:01:19
Subject:anti -freeze
the chiller always display anti freeze detection out water temp low and it stop what will i do?
Nilo AngelesTime:2016-10-8 10:09:06
sir, i am interested to have your ICBT-2T. do you have a branch here in the Philippines.or where can i buy it> please reply as soon as possible. thank you so much...
Suhas ChaudhariTime:2016-8-29 19:10:58
Subject:Technical & Operational Manual
Dear Sir,
We have purchased ICESTA make Flake ice evaporator (Model: IFE- 1T) in yr 2010-11. We are using this evaporator for one of our project. Can you kindly send the technical and operational manual for the said model.
Let me know if you need any more information.
Kindly treat this urgent. Awaiting your return reply ASAP.
Suhas Chaudhari
saiful bahriTime:2016-8-10 17:44:12
I am interested in selling your product in malaysia. do you have any intention to do business here?